Shanghai, Booth 1B01, and CAMAS, Wash. , March 6, 2006

Sharp Microelectronics of the Americas announces that MonRoi has selected Sharp’s System Solution for the new MonRoi portable Chess Manager. Comprised of hardware, software and technical support, this comprehensive set of resources enabled MonRoi to create a power-efficient, easy-to-use portable device with a high performance value, reduced bill of materials, and streamlined design cycle.

Sharp’s System Solution for MonRoi includes a component platform with Sharp’s SoC, LCD, and Flash Memory. Drawing on Sharp’s library of software tools and its collaboration with Sharp Microelectronics engineers, MonRoi’s designers realized the full benefits of Sharp’s hardware components, including the ARM7-based 16/32-bit LH75411 SoC, part of Sharp’s BlueStreak™ family of SoCs.

“Sharp Microelectronics proved to be a vital partner during the conception of our Personal Chess Manager,” said Brana Malobabic-Giancristofaro, founder of MonRoi. “Our designers were able to tap into Sharp’s collective knowledge through its comprehensive software and design tools, as they incorporated these complex pictorial features into a compact power-efficient design.”

The 16/32-bit LH75411 SoC provides a strategic balance of flexibility, performance and integration. Together with Sharp’s 3.5-inch QVGA Advanced-TFT color LCD and the 16Mbit Flash Memory component, this System Solution provides a unique integration advantage over similar stand-alone components.

“The MonRoi design is ideal for our flexible and easily integrated ARM7 16/32 bit MCU,” said Noel Giamello, Senior Director, Systems Solutions Business Unit for Sharp Microelectronics’ BlueStreak line. “With the added benefit of strong integration with our LCD and Flash memory components, MonRoi will have an adaptable system for future product advancement.”

Design Support

Beyond hardware and software, Sharp Microelectronics provided MonRoi with significant design consulting and technical input. Sharp Microelectronics collaborated with MonRoi during the architectural and schematic development of the device. Sharp Microelectronics also helped MonRoi designers to identify the solution sets available to meet power consumption needs for optimum device performance.

For example, Sharp’s field application engineers evaluated the design considerations of the MonRoi system and provided a detailed analysis on various hardware and software concerns. MonRoi designers also took advantage of the development tools and documentation in Sharp’s BlueStreak Software library. Through this process, MonRoi designers were able to select the proper battery size, operating processor modes, and time necessary to meet key concerns regarding power consumption, software requirement, and prototyping needs.

The MonRoi device is a portable wireless personal chess manager for professional tournament players. With 4MB of memory, it supports more than 50 chess games, minimum 10 hours of run time, and is able to record chess games tamper free. Professional players can review games instantly, broadcast each move during tournaments, and upload and download games from a PC. The MonRoi device is the only patented FIDE-certified Personal Chess Manager in the world. The U.S. Chess Federation, the European Chess Union and the China Chess Federation have all endorsed it.

Technical Features

Sharp’s support throughout the design cycle was an important selection criterion for MonRoi. The 3.3V LH75411 SoC is a cost-effective choice for portable devices, enabling design engineers to achieve high computational power operating at 70 MHz, advanced graphical effects, and low power consumption with an ARM7-based microcontroller. As part of the MonRoi design, the LH75411 offers 32KB of on-chip SRAM, a color LCD controller, and a strong custom support through Sharp’s extensive software and development tools library. The SoC also contains all the interfaces needed for portable design, including LCD and Flash.

The LQ035Q7DH01 LCD featured in the MonRoi device offers high contrast and high color saturation with 262,144 colors and 100 nits of brightness from six high-efficiency white LED backlights. The 16/32-bit SoC and touch screen LCD interface seamlessly with the LHF00L31 Bottom Boot Block Flash Memory component, offering flexibility for design.


The MonRoi Personal Chess Manager was successfully implemented at seven international chess competitions and is in production.

The MonRoi device featuring the Sharp Microelectronics LH75411 SoC and Sharp’s 3.5-inch QVGA LCD and 16Mbit Flash Memory is endorsed by the China Chess Federation and will be demonstrated at Sharp Microelectronics’ booths at the Embedded Systems Conference China and Embedded Systems Conference Silicon Valley this spring. 

Sharp Microelectronics also offers a BlueStreak Software library of low cost development tools and documentation. These tools support Sharp’s MCU components www.sharpmcu.com and are developed by Logic Product Development. 

About Sharp Microelectronics of theAmericas

Sharp Microelectronics of the Americas , Camas, Wash. , is the U.S.-based microelectronics sales and marketing unit ofJapan ’s Sharp Corporation. In 2001, Sharp also designated Sharp Microelectronics of the Americas as its global development center for Microcontroller and System-on-Chip products based on the popular ARM7 and ARM9 cores. Sharp is a worldwide developer of core digital technologies that are playing an integral role in shaping the next generation of electronic products for consumer and business needs. Sharp Microelectronics of the Americas offers breakthrough memory, LCD, optoelectronics, CCD, RF/IR, microcontroller and System-on-Chip components, along with packaging and integration skills that help design engineers throughout North and South America bring their ambitious ideas to market. Sharp Microelectronics of the Americas is dedicated to improving people's lives through the use of advanced technology and a commitment to innovation, quality, value and design. For more information, visit www.sharpsma.com.  

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