Montreal, Canada
January 2005

Name Title Country Rating Points Place
Jakovenko Dmitry GM  Russian Federation 2596 8 1
Mikhalevski Victor GM  Israel 2553 6 2
Nataf Igor-Alexandre GM  France 2557 5.5 3
Perelshteyn Eugene IM  United States 2505 5 4-5
Hauchard Arnaud GM  France 2487 5 4-5
Roussel-Roozmon Thomas IM  Canada 2425 4.5 6-7
Fedorowicz John GM  United States 2507 4.5 6-7
Lawson Eric IM  Canada 2373 2.5 8-9
Antonio Rogelio GM  Philippines 2539 2.5 8-9
Hebert Jean IM  Canada 2410 1.5 10


InnDe has deployed the MonRoi system for the first time in a round robin, Category 10 chess tournament in Montreal ( Quebec, Canada ) - the city where MonRoi was created. The Montreal World Chess Tournament was held from January 14 to 21, 2005 in the borough of St. Laurent. Six Grandmasters and four International Masters, representing Canada, USA, France, Israel, the Philippines and Russia played in this tournament.

monroi blog montreal wct

Spectators had the opportunity to see the Grandmasters and International Masters play and follow MonRoi's live webcasts of the rounds. The MonRoi website visitors are from Canada, USA, France, Netherlands, Philippines, Sweden, Italy, Norway, Israel, Iceland, Brazil, Yugoslavia, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Greece, Singapore, Indonesia, Russian Federation, Japan, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Denmark, Argentina, United Kingdom, Finland, Mexico, Czech Republic, Portugal, Turkey, Luxembourg, Bulgaria, Slovak Republic, Chile, Bosnia, Croatia, Cuba, Lithuania, Uruguay, Latvia, Austria, Peru, Dominican Republic, Zimbabwe, Myanmar, Ivory Coast, Azerbaijan, Guatemala, Taiwan, India, Spain, New Zealand, Uzbekistan. TV, print and on-line media and radio stations covered the event.

"InnDe is very grateful to Mr. Alan De Sousa and his exceptional team, FIDE, GM Susan Polgar, Chess'n Math and chess players for making this event a success. I am very pleased to be able to contribute to Montreal 's community and its youngsters" said InnDe's founder, and concluded with a famous quote: "The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible."

Welcome by Mr. Alan De Sousa, the Mayor of St. Laurent

 Players were welcomed by Mr. Alan De Sousa, the Mayor of St. Laurent on Friday, January 14 at the Saint-Laurent Borough Hall. An extravagant luncheon was held in their honour. The caterer was inspired to present sushi in the form of a chessboard.

“Je suis très heureux que vous vous soyez joints à nous aujourd’hui alors que nous présentons les détails du premier Tournoi mondial d’échecs de Montréal qui débutera demain pour se poursuivre jusqu’au 21 janvier au Centre des loisirs de Saint-Laurent. À titre de membre du comité exécutif de la Ville de Montréal responsable du développement économique et du développement durable, je suis tout à fait convaincu que cet événement d’envergure international nous donnera une formidable occasion de mettre en valeur notre territoire sur plusieurs plans. En plus de sa valeur éducative auprès de nos jeunes talents, il permettra aux maîtres et aux grands maîtres d’échecs ainsi qu’aux nombreux adeptes à travers le monde de constater la richesse de Saint-Laurent et plus particulièrement le dynamisme de sa communauté d’affaires. Nous sommes très fiers de voir une compagnie bien établie chez nous contribuer par une de ses innovations à révolutionner à l’échelle mondiale une discipline aussi respectée que les échecs. Le succès de l’équipe de Mme Brana Giancristofaro de la compagnie InnDe rejaillit ainsi sur nous et favorisera sans aucun doute le rayonnement de Saint-Laurent à l’étranger.” affirme M De Sousa.

Opening Ceremony

 The day concluded with the opening ceremony - a lavish banquet at The Challenger, St. Laurent 's premier golf club. Ms. Brana Giancristofaro, InnDe's founder, welcomed the high profile guests comprising of leaders from the City of Montreal , government of Quebec, and the federal government of Canada , MonRoi's technology partners from Boston , New Jersey, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal . FIDE's (Féderation Internationale des Échecs) Honorary Chairman, Mr. Florencio Campomanes addressed the guests describing FIDE's role and the fostering of international relations through chess. "FIDE was founded in Paris in 1924, and is recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) as an International Sport Federation. FIDE supports the cooperation amongst its 140 member countries encouraging harmony among all people. It is one of the most wide-spread and influential sport organizations in the world" stated Mr. Campomanes.

monroi blog reception 1

Education leaders were on hand to listen to GM Susan Polgar inspirational message to get chess into schools and encourage youngsters to play this great game. “Le jeu d'échecs est l’un des meilleurs outils éducatifs car il favorise la concentration et la mémorie” exlique Maria Manouri, directrice régionale de l’Association échecs et Math. Mr. Paul Truong coach of the USA Women's Chess Olympic team provided his support documenting the event through the photographs you see in this report. The Quebec and Canadian chess federation executives, along with Canada 's young national champions were present. The audience was entertained with a video of Montreal 's attractions produced by the tourism office.

GM Susan Polgar Promotes Youth Chess

 Sixty of Quebec's outstanding chess players between the ages of 6 to 17, played the most memorable game of their young life with Grandmaster Susan Polgar from the United States who is the 4-time Women's World Chess Champion, on Saturday, January 15 and Sunday, January 16. A large number of children wanted to play with Susan. Those who were lucky to have been selected received autographed copies of Susan's book and MonRoi t-shirts. Susan's arrival was met with a tremendous applause from the children. Many took pictures with Susan Polgar and had her autograph their shirts and chess books.

monroi blog susan polgar simul 3

GM Susan Polgar said: "Chess is an important tool in education. It improves logic, concentration, and analysis, which will serve children in all their endeavors. MonRoi system allows not only recording and broadcast of chess games, but allows families and friends of chess players to follow their matches from any place they may be."

Dr. De Ridder - MonRoi system certified

 MonRoi successfully demostrated compliance with chess rules and technical specifications, and is functioning in a tournament environment as specified. Dr. Dirk De Ridder from Belgium (FIDE Technical Committee, FIDE Rules and Regulations Committee) observed the tournament and interviewed chess players. He recommended to FIDE Presidential Board to certify InnDe's MonRoi patent pending system. The MonRoi Electronic Chess Assistant can be used in tournaments instead of pen and paper recording method. "It is our recommendation to first introduce the system in Youth Chess Tournaments, since the majority of youngsters use computers and electronic devices. We would as well suggest to train arbiters and tournament organizers on the MonRoi system." said Dr. De Ridder.

Closing Ceremony

 A late afternoon lunch was held after the final round was played on January 21, 2005 at the Challenger restaurant. MonRoi was pleased to award the first place trophy and prize to GM Dmitry Jakovenko from Russia, the second place to GM Victor Mikhalevski from Israel, and the third to GM Igor-Alexandre Nataf from France. All ten chess players received cash prizes, based on their final results.

monroi blog trophies


Letters from Participants

 "I've enjoyed being part of your fascinating project. Your team was on top during the entire tournament and I could feel like at home." GM Victor M.

"I would like to thank you for organizing such a great chess tournament! This is by far the best tournament I have ever played in, your team did a fantastic job. I believe in the MonRoi technology and I wish you best of luck and success in making it a worldwide product. I am looking forward to future Monroi events!" IM Eugene P.

"The tournament was well prepared. Definitely if I am invited again next year, I will gladly accept. Thank you very much for inviting me." GM Rogelio A.

"Thank you again for your wonderful hospitality. All the players and I agree that this is a truly world-class event that you and your company have put together in such a short time. You have truly spoiled all of us! We hope the impact of this event will help chess in Montreal and Canada for years to come!" FM Paul T.

"Thank you again for the wonderful tournament you put up." IM Jean H.

"I appreciated the way I was welcomed and the high class you showed throughout the tournament. For that, I wish to you express you my deepest gratitude. Thank you very much." IA Serge A.

"I would like to thank you very much for organizing the 2 simultaneous games with Susan Polgar, on the occasion of the Montreal World Chess Tournament. Thanks to you and Maria Manuri, who transmitted the invitation to me, 13 young chess players from the school of St-Germain d` Outremont had a wonderful time last week-end. As expected, they were all defeated by Susan, but they enjoyed the experience tremendously! The fact that two of them got their picture in the newspapers also added to their excitement. I hope that the main tournament turns out to be as successful as this great ``side event``, and I wish a great future to the MonRoi system!" Teacher, Isabelle C.

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