Make a Hit with Your Marketing Campaign!

We create turn-key marketing campaigns at chess tournaments, which effectively deliver strategies that enhance customers’ acquisitions and promote brand loyalty and equity. Whether your goal is to increase brand lift or to generate on-the-spot sales, we can put together an advertising program that is precisely crafted to your needs.

When we understand your marketing goals and objectives, we can use technology and reporting to maximize every campaign dollar. When the target is clear and defined, the impact is right where you want it to be.

Online Advertising at Chess Tournaments

MonRoi is a medium that delivers hundreds of thousands of ad impressions monthly to the targeted audience. Advertisers are able to connect directly with a specific demographic group of consumers between the ages of 18 and 54. Advertisers can choose from any combination of the tournaments in targeted geographical locations.

  • Reach targeted unique online users in the U.S. and worldwide

  • Increase revenue and return on your advertising investment

  • Select from any combination of industry-standard ad units

  • Pre-define your marketing and budget goals

  • Get a turnkey system with no infrastructure of any kind

  • Run 24 x 7 campaigns

  • Get started quick and easy

 Online ad options

  • Leaderboard (728 x 90)

  • Medium Rectangle Ad (300 x 250)

  • Skyscraper (160 x 600)

  • Banner Ad (468 x 60)

  • Square (200 x 200)

Flat monthly fees and competitive CPM rates are available.

Online ad location page options

  • Home Page

  • Live Chess Games

  • Chess Events

  • Chess Tournament Home

  • Chess Tournament Other

MonRoi offers to on-line advertisers targeted client profiles, with unique face time of ad visibility with Internet site visits of over 30 minutes at a time during major events. This exceeds viewer recognition of ads compared to other media. Large multi-media ads can be visible during game display when not much visual activity is changing.

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Onsite Advertising at Chess Tournaments

  • Chess tournament title

  • Grand-Prix program title

  • Exclusivity in your business category

  • Speech at the opening and closing ceremonies

  • Advertising page at the chess tournament program

  • Opportunity to distribute your materials

  • An exhibit booth with on-site banners

  • Photo opportunities

  • Media coverage

There are no promotional restrictions that would inhibit Advertiser’s ability to leverage it. There are hundreds of chess tournaments each year. A wide selection of targeting options is available to suit any campaign requirement.

 Advertise at Chess Tournaments

  • Enhance your image and shape consumer attitudes

  • Influence consumer opinion and buying decisions

  • Increase your sales by showcasing your products

  • Create positive publicity and heightened visibility

  • Differentiate your business from your competitors

  • Enhance business and consumer relations

Frequent advertisers at chess tournaments

  • Chess product and service providers

  • Air-travel companies

  • Financial service companies

  • High technology companies

  • Professional consulting firms

  • Telecom providers

  • Education providers

  • Car manufacturers

  • Gaming companies

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