Before Recording

  1. Enter name in Profile (no need to enter Title and other info)
  2. The Profile name will be locked- antitheft mechanism
  3. Charge the battery: use USB cable and power plug
  4. Calibrate the MonRoi PCM screen prior to the game
  5. Set LCD = 0 should you prefer backlight always ON

Record Game

  1. In Menu tap on the Record icon to start recording your game
  2. In Record screen tap on the destination square to record the move
  3. Use back arrow to rewrite the move
  4. Click on paper score sheet icon to see the moves, use back arrow to return

Enter Result

  1. Click on ½ to enter Result
  2. Select 1:0, 0:1, or 1/2
  3. Sign the result using the stylus
  4. Tap on Save- hold for 3 seconds
  5. Call the arbiter to approve the result and Sign
  6. Your game is saved on the MonRoi device in PGN format

Review Games

  1. Tap on the Player’s name to select the game
  2. Tap on > icon to initiate automatic replay, Tap again > to stop replay
  3. Use back and forward arrows to review moves
  4. Click on wheel icon to initiate variation analysis
  5. ap on the chessboard screen to try out different moves
  6. Tap on wheel icon to go back to the original game position

Recording Tips

  1. Ensure to recorded your own as well as the opponent’s move in sequence
  2. Tap once on the chessboard square (not twice)
  3. Hold the stylus like a pen ~45 degree angle (not 90 degree)
  4. Do not drag the chess pieces- simply tap on the destination square
  5. Do not hold stylus down on the chessboard square- simply tap
  6. Do not press too hard on the screen
  7. If your screen responds slowly- calibrate it
  8. To review all the recorded moves, select paper scoresheet icon

Transfer Games from MonRoi’s PCM to Your Computer

  1. Power on your PCM.
  2. Tap on the Databank icon.
  3. Insert the SD card into your PCM.
  4. Press the green icon on the bottom of the screen.
  5. Please wait until the games are transferred to the SD card.
  6. Delete all games? Select No!
  7. Insert your SD card into your computer.
  8. Replay games in any PGN viewer.

Transfer only one game

  1. Select the specific game that you want to upload to your SD card.
  2. Press the green icon at the bottom of the screen.

Transfer Games from Your Computer

  1. Insert the SD card into your computer.
  2. Save games (PGN format) on your SD card.
  3. Power on the PCM.
  4. Insert your SD into your PCM.
  5. Now you can tap on the Databank icon.
  6. Select the game to view it.

Print Chess Games

Install the PGN Viewer

  1. Insert MonRoi’s Home PTM CD into you computer.
  2. Open the folder PTM Home Edition.
  3. Double click on it.
  4. Double click on CTMSetup file to install PTM Home Edition on your computer.

Print Games

  1. Open MonRoi’s PTM Home: Start – All Programs – PTM Home Edition
  2. Insert the SD card into your computer.
  3. Click on the PGN icon below Menu Toolbar, and select your SD card.
  4. Select the game.
  5. Do you want to import directly to the current tournament? Click Yes.
  6. Right click on the icon Round and select Replay Round.
  7. Are you going to replay round (x)? Click Yes.
  8. Double click on the field Moves of your game.
  9. Click on the Print icon at the bottom.
  10. Do you want to print the time for each move? Click Yes.

Note: Close MonRoi’s PTM Home Edition and reopen it for printing games from two different tournaments.

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