New Chess Technology - MonRoi


technology 1MonRoi provides world-leading live chess broadcasting technology, which has already enabled thousands of the Internet users to view rich, live chess tournaments, in real-time. This technology has leveraged numerous advances from the field of secure wireless transmission and Internet broadcasting to achieve unprecedented data reliability and display speeds for broadcasting events to users simultaneously worldwide. The approach to replace paper scoresheets with electronic devices is a benefit to many players who seek to record their game history.

INNDE (Innovative Design) – Wireless Sensor Network Technology Platform


MonRoi has licensed wireless sensor network technology platform (for the sole use in the chess market) and chess patent from InnDe. Wireless sensor networks are composed of a large number of small sensor nodes and one or more “base stations” which process the data received from the sensor nodes and take necessary control actions.

InnDe is committed to producing high-quality, reliable, energy-efficient wireless products for control and monitoring. By reducing the cost and complexity of collecting information, InnDe helps make physical processes more reliable and efficient. Fault tolerance, scalability, hardware features and most importantly, efficient power consumption and extended wireless range distinguish InnDe’s technology.

innde features