On February 12, 2017, I visited the TAMS (Texas Academy of Mathematics & Science) chess group which meets at 2:00 p.m. Sundays at Emily Fowler Library in Denton, TX. Ten TAMS students were present, with one of them studying, one waiting for a game, and the other eight playing each other. As I watched the games, a girl and her father showed up.

The father said, “Do you recognize my daughter? She was the last person playing against you at your simul in July at the Denton Public Library North Branch.” The father and daughter then sat at the open board and began playing against that TAMS student. Another game finished and I talked with Michael, who said he was a TAMS senior and the head of the TAMS chess group. He said that the TAMS students enjoy getting together to play chess. Also, about two to five children come in for instruction each Sunday. As we were talking, a father and son approached and the son began playing against a TAMS student. The schedule for which Sundays the TAMS students volunteer providing chess instruction is at the Denton Public Library Web site. My opinion is that other libraries could host such program. Like TAMS students, many high school honors students are required to serve volunteer hours in the community. By having a chess meeting at a library, those honor students could have fun playing each other and also, when asked, provide chess instruction to library patrons. It seems like an easy way to volunteer, as not much equipment is required. The TAMS students brought a bin of chess sets and boards and the library provided four tables with 16 chairs.