For Dr. Root's March 6, 2013 chess lessons at St. Vincent's School, she taught Battleship chess from Children and Chess: A Guide for Educators. Once the pawn is promoted, the students tried to conduct the king and queen checkmate. For all groups, Battleship Chess was the default activity when not being tested. Battleship Chess involves a king and four pawns against a king and four pawns. 

Adaptation for Beginner Group: Dr. Root assessed individual students on whether they knew how to castle (kingside and queenside) using the Game Theory challenge from Thinking with Chess: Teaching Children Ages 5-14.

Adaptation for Intermediate Group: While the other pairs play Battleship Chess, Dr. Root tested one student at a time on the K and Q vs. K mate or K and R vs. K mate.

Adaptation for Advanced Group: While the other pairs play Battleship Chess,  Dr. Root tested one student at a time on K & P vs. K win (promotion to a Q). After teaching at St. Vincent's School, Dr. Root drove to UT Dallas to attend the Chess Educator of the Year award ceremony. Katie Dellamaggiore, director of Brooklyn Castle, was honored. Dr. Root will write about the Chess Educator evening for Chess Life magazine.