For beginners, Dr. Root reviewed on the demonstration board how to checkmate with a king and two rooks against a king. Then Dr. Root played a simultaneous exhibition (simul) against them where they had two rooks and a king and Dr. Root had a king. Students were in groups of two against Dr. Root and were told to decide together on their next move as they were waiting for Dr. Root.

The intermediate students acted out the king and pawn against king win while Dr. Root showed it on the demonstration board. Those who were not actors had to develop the theme of the show (cat vs. mice) and answer questions about what move was next. Then they played the ending against each other AND had to go all the way to checkmate when they promoted to a queen.
The advanced students played out a position that Dr. Root had against an expert player. The students notated their game fragments. Then there was a discussion of what actually happened in that game and how it related to king and pawn and king and rook endgames.