On September 5-7, 2009 I played in the first-ever U.S. Women's Open in Tulsa, OK, won by University of Texas at Dallas sophomore WFM Saheli Nath. I was the reporter for the Women's and for the concurrent tournaments for Chess Life Online (articles online now) and Chess Life (articles will be in the December 2009 and January 2010 issues). 

The concurrent events were the U.S. Senior Open (won by GM Larry Christiansen) , Okie Open (won by IM Michael Brooks), and Masters Round Robin (won by Conrad Holt, IM Bryan Smith, and IM Ray Kaufman). Since the organizers did not arrange for MonRoi at these events, it took time to find and photocopy score sheets. Sometimes, the writing on those score sheets was poor. It was hard to know what moves were played. Unlike MonRoi, where it is easy to replay games, reporting was hard work.