In addition to the November 8 presentation in Coppell, which I mentioned in a previous blog post, I am also presenting about my book Read, Write, Checkmate: Enrich Literacy with Chess Activities at the Texas State Reading Association conference. My presentation, on Friday, November 13, 1:45 to 3 p.m., is listed on page 5 of this .pdf schedule. If you cannot attend either of these, please consider the Living Chess Game performance November 24, 4 p.m., at the North Branch of the Denton Public Library.

Update on my presentations: On November 8, about 70 people attended. Two were from my online classes. Four were from The University of Texas of the Permian Basin. They drove from Odessa to hear my talk, then drove back the same day. That's an 11-hour round trip. Most of the attendees were parents and children ages 5-12. On November 13, seven educators (four at the middle school level) attended my talk. At both talks, participants tried activities from my books such as the Eight Queens' problem and the Knight's Tour.