Dr. Alexey Root showed the moves and Vanessa wrote the notation for this line of the Ruy Lopez, Exchange Variation.

1 e4 e5 2 Nf3 Nc6 3 Bb5 a6 4 Bxc6 dxc6 5 0-0 Bg4 (At this point, we paused so that chess club members could play out on their boards what would happen in the next five moves. They had to continue notating.). Then we showed 6 h3 h5 (With another break for students to figure out, by looking at the demonstration board and thinking to themselves for a couple of minutes, how this move 6…h5 worked) 7 d3 Qf6 8 Be3 Bxf3 9 Qxf3 Qxf3 10 gxf3 Bd6