Dr. Alexey Root taught the beginners how the Q, R, and B moved. Then the beginners tried this exercise from Read, Write, Checkmate: Enrich Literacy with Chess Activities.

Have pairs of students get out a board, a white queen, a black rook, and a black bishop. Each piece should be placed on its starting square. Start the white queen on d1, the black rook on h8 or a8, and the black bishop on f8 or c8. White moves first. . . . After trying this from both sides, ask students whether it was easier to play white or to play black.

Then we discussed the values of the Q, R, and B chessmen. The intermediate group also tried this exercise and additionally discussed the values of the K, N, and P.

The intermediate students played an exercise about the square of the pawn, where students place a king on the board and an opposite colored pawn on the board and see if the king can stop the pawn. The exercise is from Children and Chess: A Guide for Educators.

The advanced group tried the square of the pawn exercise. 
Then advanced students discussed what is an ideal set up for Battleship Chess and why. With their new knowledge, they tried Battleship Chess again.