On Thursday, May 29th, I was one of the parent chaperones on a sixth grade field trip to a local park. I brought along two chess sets and boards, and set them up on a picnic table. The table was one of many in the pavilion, which had a roof for shade and a view of the playground. Except for lunch, when I packed up the chess equipment to make room for pizza, the chess games were in use the entire time (10:30-2:15).

Four students would play, and four to six others would watch and/or wait for a turn to play. I had them play "winner sits." Many who lost went off to play kickball or throw water-soaked sponges. But then they returned, and challenged in again. We also played some bughouse. Several children tried chess for the first time. When they said they didn't know how to play, I taught them pawn moves and captures (but not en passant) then had them play a Pawn Game. Considering the popularity of the chess equipment, I am glad I brought it along!