Tuesday, April 27, was our last chess club meeting of this 2010 spring semester. Two girls and five boys attended. To warm up for our May 1, 2010 tournament, we played touch-move ladder games. For more about how I run ladder games see the appendix to Read, Write, Checkmate: Enrich Literacy with Chess Activities. Or read Elizabeth Vicary interviewed by Jennifer Shahade (June 26,2007, Chess Life Online, "E. Vicary on Chess, Girls and Genius"), which is my source for how to run ladder chess games.

Since we had an odd number of students on the 27th, our number one player took on two people at once. At least one person per game notated so that post mortems were possible. After May first, I will have completed six years of chess volunteering at Strickland Middle School. The first three years were once a week during the school day (spring semester only), years four and five were three times a week during the school day (fall and spring semesters), and this year was once a week after school (spring semester only). Next fall, I plan to start a chess club at Denton High School, once a week after school as part of math club (fall and spring semesters).