West – Corona (0-1), Black won on time in a somewhat even position with Black having the better chances. White failed to execute his 40th move before time control.

Baniel – Fissel (1/2-1/2), Black at a critical point of the game chose an unnecessary move of getting his king (35….Kh8) off a possible check over a more forcing line in 35…Ng4.

Donovan – Duke (1-0), White fought hard but ended short.
Pitts – Floto (1-0)
Drake – King (1/2-1/2), the game was fiercely fought but the game indeed in a draw.
Shepherd – Macaspac (0-1)

Round 3 Pairings, 12 May 2008

Shepherd – West
Macaspac – Drake
King – Pitts
Floto – Donovan
Duke – Baniel
Fissel - Corona